Credit: Clayton Hauck/

Bin Laden Blowin’ Up

Bin Laden Blowin’ Up had been lurking on the city’s spoken-word and underground-rap scenes for a couple years when they threw themselves a coming-out party in the form of the killer single “Chi Don’t Dance,” a juke-hop tribute to the city’s indigenous dance styles that became a staple of Chicago DJ sets in 2009. In March BBU released their first full-length mix tape, Fear of a Clear Channel Planet, hosted by local DJ and producer Million Dollar Mano. It includes “Chi” and other fan favorites like “BB Who?” and “Jukin’ on Landmines” alongside a bunch of new material, and showcases local beat-making talent like Shifty Tricks Productions and Arlo of Trailblazerz MPC. BBU are still mixing up juke and rap, and their lyrics still blend political messages, pop-culture references, and exhortations to shake ass—they can make it sound totally natural to talk about their support for the Palestinian cause one minute and LCD Soundsystem the next. You can catch them next opening for Public Enemy at the Congress Theater on Saturday, June 26.