During the 80s and 90s, when the Wax Trax label was at the peak of its influence, Chicago was the primary American home for electronic body music, industrial dance, and other brutalist European electronic styles of the time. For the past five or so years Beau Wanzer, a local electronic musician himself (and one of the founders of the brilliantly insane annual Synthesizer Chili Cook-Off), has hosted a night the first Tuesday of the month at Danny’s called Hot on the Heels; if you close your eyes during the sets of minimal techno, EBM, and Italo disco it’s easy to imagine that it’s 1984 and you’re in a room full of people dressed like German existentialist new-wavers and not modern-day hipsters. Each month Wanzer brings in a guest from the progressive fringe of the local electronic-music scene for a live performance; in previous HOTHs he’s hosted acts like Gatekeeper and Sich Mang that have since attracted considerable attention from outside of the city.