Joe’s on Broadway

3563 N. Broadway

Next time you’re in Boys Town hoping to grab a beer without having to be screened for fabulousness, slum it on over to Joe’s. You’ll find no methed-out musclemen or liquored-up twinks here—just unglamourous neighborhood regulars, dumpy sports fans, and crumpled career alcoholics, none of whom can be bothered to check out your junk. Decades of dust-covered detritus—Christmas lights, framed vacation photos, antlers, two stuffed swordfish—clutter the walls. Most of the jukebox selections are a good couple decades out of date, and none of the bartenders knows the meaning of a short pour. Pause before coming out of the bathroom so you won’t lose an eye if someone’s playing darts. And count your lucky stars: this no-concept, ambience-free watering hole should have been priced out of East Lakeview 15 years ago. The screen door even actually slams behind you on your way out.