BiblioTreka Credit: Amanda Meeks

In some ways, bookmobiles are even better than libraries. It’s true that the selection is limited, but the bookmobile brings the books directly to you. Or, in the case of BiblioTreka, the Read/Write Library‘s bookmobile-on-a-bike, to cultural events around the city, so you can look at art or see a play or attend a reading and also rummage through the organization’s expansive and unconventional collection of Chicago-centric media. And then you’ll have something to read on the way home! But last August, something terrible happened: somebody stole BiblioTreka. So this past winter, with the bike still missing, the Read/Write Library (which has a physical home in Humboldt Park) launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $5,000 to cover the cost of replacing the original BiblioTreka (lent to them by Book Bike Project founder Gabriel Levinson) and purchasing a custom Haley Tricycle to serve as the new BiblioTreka. The campaign was successful, and BiblioTreka is back on the streets.