Cuddle up with a blanket at Lifeline Theatre. Courtesy Lifeline Theatre

Lifeline Theatre

Anyone who frequents establishments in the summer months knows that there are generally two temperatures: not cold enough and Hell has frozen over. Even so, some locations deal with that microclimate variety at any time of year. So, when it comes to dealing with indoor temperature changes, no one does it better than Lifeline Theatre, which is housed in a converted ComEd substation building. Anyone who has sat in a particular section of the audience at Lifeline knows that the space gets abnormally chilly. There is only so much a fresh cup of hot cocoa can do, besides make you rush to the bathroom at intermission to still make it back in time for act two. Luckily the theater folks are well aware and are known for having blankets draped lovingly on certain sets of chairs for audience use. Even if the rest of the seats are pleasantly warm, the patrons in the ice-block section of Lifeline are grateful for those blankets on a regular basis. Though it is admittedly a bit jarring upon one’s first visit, it becomes clear very quickly thereafter why the seats need comfort blankies. If that’s the small price we pay for preserving gorgeous brick buildings like the one that houses this Rogers Park theater, so be it. We’re more than happy to have blankets be our Lifeline.

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