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Rahm Emanuel


Rahm Emanual

Rham Emmanuel

Rahm Emmanuel!!!!

Emauel, Rahm don’t wait!

Raul Emanuel

Rohm Emanuel

Rahm Immanuel

Rahm Emmanuel, or anyone who would kill him if he didn’t win

Raum Emanual

Raum Emmanuel

Ram Emmanuel

Rom Emmanuel

R. Emanuel


Tom Tunney

David Hoffman

Forrest Claypool

Forest Claypool

Les Claypool

Oprah Winfrey

Manny Flores

Weed Wolf

Lisa Madigan

Luis Gutierrez

Luis Guttierez

Lou Guiteirez

Toni Preckwinkle

Toni Perwinkle

Teri Periwinkle

Paul Vallas

Todd Stroger

Todd Stoger

Tom Dart

Michael Jordan

Mike Quigley

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jesse Jackson Sr.

Reverend Jesse Jackson Jr.

Barack Obama

Barack O’Bama

Michelle Obama

Andy Shaw

Lebron James

Scott Waguespack

Scott Waguepack


Scott Waugespak

Scotty Wags


Jesse White

Alex White

Thax Douglas

Maggie Daley

Heather Kenny

Ron Huberman

Ozzie Guillen

Ronnie Woo Woo

Michael Miner

Hillary Clinton

Danny Miller

Joe Moore

Mike Ditka

Bruce Wayne

Tom Allen

Scott Lee Cohen

John Kass

Joel Quenneville

Tim Tuten

John A. Canning Jr.


His father

Dick Simpson

Jello Biafra

William Ayers

Kevin Coval

Christine Conley

Brian Costello

Damien Johnson


Joe Lake

Chuck (Club Foot)

A sock puppet

Tony Peraica (sp?)


Brian P Dailey

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia


Me, Mary Wynn

My Mom

Bernie Epton

Brian Leiter

Riccardo Muti

Eliot Spitzer

Matt McMurray

Desiree Rogers

Ed Burke

Rupert Bond

Nerese Campbell

Frank Sobotka

Norman Wilson

Tommy Carcetti

Adam Yauch

Miguel DeValle

Matthew Filipowicz

Fashion Man!

Tipper Gore

David Trinidad

Jessica Rose

Antti Niemi

Pedro Hernandez

Rachel Goodstein

Louis Farakahn

Cecil Adams

Duncan Keith

Jesus Corea

Ben Joravsky

Ben Jorvasky

Ben Jovarsky

Mick Dumke

Mike Dumke or Ben Jovarsky

Mick Dumke and/or Ben Joravsky

Gery Chico

Bob Fioretti

Tom Geoghegan

Daniel Johnston

Andrew Bae

Rick Santelli

Rudy Lozano Jr.

Max Bever

Vi Daley

Michael Zalewski

Brendan O’Reilly

Brendan Riley

Billy Dec

Ted Nugent

Katy Hogan

David Orr

Alan Lazowsky – Owner of LAZ Parking

David Axelrod

Mike O’Connell

Chaz Allen

Timothy Evans Chief Judge Circuit Court of Cook County

Jason Appel

Helen Shiller

Helen Schiller

Arun’s Thai

Harold Washington

Alexi Giannoulias

Alexi Gianoulias

Alexi Ginnulious



Alison True


Chris Schultz

Bobby Rush

Rod Blagojevich

Blago (from prison)

Roger Ebert

John Daley

Al Gore

Warrick Carter, President of Columbia College Chicago

Joanne Howard

Carol Marin

Studs’ Ghost

James Meeks


Arnie Duncan

Tom Tresser

Mary Dempsey

Scott Lee Cohen

Richard Cahan

Amanda Palmer

William “Doc” Walls III”

Eugene Schulter

Steve Albini

Amanda Kulczewski

Jeremiah Wright

Steven Colbert

Heather Steans

Deb Mell

Mickey Mouse

Caroline Kennedy

Daniel Delcerro

Someone honest

Al Roker

Dorothy Brown

Dion Antic

Walter Burnett Jr

David Papciak

Vince Vaughn

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Conan O’Brien

Doug Walker (thatguywith​

Arnold Schwartzineggar

Rocky Wirtz

John Cusack

Ron Santo

Dutchie Caray

Buddy Guy

Jonathan Toews

Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn – Hopefully he’ll be out of work by then.

Wes Restless



Matt Rucins

Steven Campanga

Alpana Singh

Jet Eveleth

Mike Sheehan

That mold in my shower that is completely resistant to bleach.


Carol Moseley Braun

Rudy Lozano Jr.

Betty Loren-Maltese





Anyone! Please!

Any Woman

Anyone but…

Anyone else

Anyone, really.

Anyone. Seriously. ANYONE.

Anyone who can put an English sentence together correctly.

Literally anyone

Anyone at all

Anyone who is not a Daley

Anyone outside of the Daley machine

William M. Daley

Anybody with a brain

Anyone who is breathing

Any Dog Catcher will do.

Any Republican

Someone who actually cares about people and not money

Someone who would beat him

I don’t care if it’s a well-trained circus seal as long as SOMEONE beats him.

No one

No one … unless it’s
another Daley … having a
Daley as mayor is as Chicago as saying pop

No one, he should be Mayor for life.

Anyone except Rahm Emmanuel

NOT Rahm Emmanuel!

Jon Stewart or anyone other than Rahm

The ghosts of Mayor Daleys past.

Daley’s unborn son Richard Daley

Does he have a son?