Credit: Andrea Bauer

One of the most pleasant Saturday-afternoon spots to take out-of-town guests once brunch is over, Salvage One is first and foremost a massive three-floor vault of vintage and, well, salvaged junk. Looking for ornate doorknobs, a McCobb-style coffee table, or a frightening old-school dental chair? It’ll cost a pretty penny, but this is the place. And as you’re piddling around the space wondering how exactly an antique post office mail sorter will fit in your studio apartment, you’re likely to overhear some wedding chatter. Because why waste such an impressive space on daydreaming shoppers when you can repurpose the inventory after-hours? Salvage One doubles as a wedding venue and reception hall—a section of the first floor is lined with church pews and includes an altar, while the second floor is chock-full of tables and features the wedding party’s dressing rooms—and a good bit of the planning, as well as tours of the space, occurs on the weekends. So to those about to exchange wedding vows: Yes, that dude is probably curious about the 60s-era record player console he’s studying, but he’s also interested in the duck confit you’re including on your menu.