Credit: Jerome Ludwig


5061 N. Clark

For weeks I’ve been intrigued—or is it traumatized?—by the vintage scary clown cookie jars at Foursided. They haunt me as I walk by the store. If you had one and your kids asked for some cookies, you could say, “You know where they are. Help yourself. I dare you.” But then you might have to deal with the kids’ nightmares. They must be priced according to scariness: the scarier clown cookie jar is $95; his half-as-scary companion only $48. I also spotted an owl cookie jar and what I think is a bear cub cookie jar—neither very scary. Foursided is filled with cool stuff that will make people of certain ages nostalgic for their childhoods: a Donny Osmond jigsaw puzzle, alphabet blocks, old-timey flash cards, globes, coin banks, mirror balls of various sizes. There’s another location at 2939 N. Broadway (773-248-1960) and little sister Twosided is at 2958 N. Clark (773-244-6431). —Jerome Ludwig