Vive la Femme

2048 N. Damen

In most of the retail clothing world, sizes 14 and up are considered “plus.” But at Vive la Femme, which caters to larger figures, any woman size 12-18 is what owner Stephanie Sack calls an “in-betweenie”—someone whose figure is fuller than the average shop can outfit, but who might not have the right proportions for Lane Bryant. This is quite a dilemma especially when it comes to staples like jeans. The solution: Let Sack introduce you to the the few manufacturers of stylish, well-proportioned cuts in bigger sizes that she’s sought out, such as Svoboda or Kut. After investing $65-$150 in a pair, make them last longer by washing them less, Sack advises—if they stretch out, turn them inside out and throw them in the dryer with a load of wet clothes. Just don’t come in telling her you want a pair that will play down your butt. “When jeans fit well,” she says, “women’s asses should look like juicy peaches.”