Credit: Michael Gebert

Admittedly, that’s a pretty blatant example of defining the category to produce the winner. There are probably other places to get a cookie with your pork taco, but a place called Cookie & Carnitas has an obvious leg up. Never mind; on a nobody’s-next-hot-restaurant-row strip of Broadway in Edgewater, chefs Brad Newman and Mikey Taormina turn trendy locavore meat and produce (they also run a stand at the Green City Market on Saturdays) into unpretentious peasant-slash-regular-guy food like tacos, sandwiches, and chili. All of which are careful not to flaunt their Jude Becker pork or Slagel beef—and keep the price in a reasonable range too. Dig into some pork or steak tacos or the Cheezy Beef, then have a cookie. Life is good.