Credit: Antje Kastner

Tigerlilie Salon

4755 N. Lincoln

If you’ve ever sighed over old photos featuring flappers with lacquered marcel waves or a black-and-white movie featuring a straight-talking heroine in a complicated rolled do, you’ve probably also lamented the rise of wash-and-wear hair. But the days of the wash-and-set live again at Tigerlilie Salon, where owners Antje Kastner and Angelica Rivera practice their top-notch vintage hair-wrangling skills on burlesque performers, actors for film and stage, and regular folks looking for something special. Inspiration comes from the stars of the silent screen and vintage bombshell pinups, but you can even bring in a photo of grandma in an awesome 60s bouffant and they’ll recreate it for you. They can work with any type of hair, and depending on the style, their handiwork can last for a couple days. Fortunately, the vintage theme doesn’t extend to product, so you won’t leave smelling like Aqua Net.