I first entered this store because of its large selection of hats. Little did I know I was entering a treasure trove. I mean, even the owner is a treasure. Alphonsus Ntamere is a biochemist who emigrated from Nigeria in 1970 and ended up quitting his job to open Unan 24 years ago; his jokes, wide grin, and words of wisdom are part of what makes this place special. But he has much more to offer than smiles and hats, which are some of the sharpest I’ve ever seen, by the way. I got my husband four of them for about $20 to $25 each. Unan Imports also carries a wide array of African imports, including home decor, musical instruments, games, beauty products, jewelry, bags, and textiles. I was stunned by the low prices—masks start at $10 (although they go all the way up to $750), and gorgeous handmade textiles cost around $50. If you need to shop for an exotic gift or decorate your place—or yourself—this place is definitely a must.