Credit: Eric Allix Rogers

Joie de Vine takes an approach to its cocktail list that I’ve never seen before: it doesn’t have one. You tell the bartender what spirit you want and what flavors you like, and she makes you a custom drink. My favorites so far have been a cocktail with rye whiskey, lemon, ginger, and orange bitters; a gin-based drink with cucumber and “spanked” mint; and, most recently, mezcal with Damiana liqueur and ginger-black pepper bitters. Inevitably, the success of the creations can vary, but I’ve never had a bad drink there—and the better ones are on par with what’s coming out of the city’s high-end cocktail bars. All cocktails are $10 (except a couple with overproof spirits, which are $12), and you can get nonalcoholic drinks custom-mixed for $5.