Pickle tots draped with chicken bresoala Credit: Andrea Bauer

The Reader goes to press every Tuesday, which means it’s been several years since I’ve eaten dinner on a Tuesday before, oh, 10 PM. Tuesdays portend meals composed of break-room detritus (gummy worms are a serviceable dessert, but it’s a real bummer when there’s no chocolate to be found) or, depending on my level of fatigue once I get home, popcorn popped on the stove and generously sprinkled with smoked paprika. But if it’s been a particularly good Tuesday—or a particularly gruesome one—I like to treat myself. Trenchermen is a good place for that. The restaurant’s bar is chill enough for the weary worker without being too quiet; it’s a beautiful place to unwind, with its warm lighting and sleek wood and walls of glazed subway tiles. The menu is playful and sophisticated without being fraught, and if you arrive later than ten (and thus too late for the dinner menu), a lovely meal can still be made from the bar menu, which includes duck pastrami ramen and—my favorite—pickle tots (exactly what they sound like) draped with chicken bresoala and propped atop dollops of red onion yogurt. I also could (and likely will) spend all evening exploring the “bittered” and “bubbly” categories of the cocktail list. A white negroni nightcap? Take that, Tuesday.