2830 N. Milwaukee, second floor


The Wandelweiser Group is a small coterie of mostly European post-John Cage composers who write and perform some of the most exciting and experimental music being made today. The group runs a top-notch record label and publishing house, but chances to hear its music live are very rare, especially in the U.S. That’s been changing lately, though, and experimental-music space Elastic has now hosted three programs mounted by Aperiodic, a daring new-music ensemble led by composer Nomi Epstein, which has featured music by Wandelweiser figures like Jürg Frey, Kunsu Shim, Eva-Maria Houben, and Antoine Beuger. The venue also presented a recent concert of music by Wandelweiser’s key American figure, Michael Pisaro, who was a professor at Northwestern during the 90s and is now based in California; his music was performed by percussionist Greg Stuart, who’s to the composer what David Tudor was to Cage. —Peter Margasak