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I feel bad saying this—considering she’s my best friend and all—but my dog really smells. Like, perpetually. It’s not anyone’s fault. Well, except hers for being a dog. As such, it’s always been really important to have a reliable, reasonably priced place to get her to not smell bad, at least for a little while. Logan Pets does her one better: she actually smells good for a little while. Located across from Logan Theatre on Milwaukee—which is great; if you time it right, you can catch a movie while your dog gets scrubbed—Logan Pets is fast, thorough, and really, really friendly. Their “beauty bath package,” which starts at just $30, includes lots of the services that need to be done, but you don’t want to do yourself, like nail trimming, paw shaving, and (gag) gland expression. Even with all of that expressing going on at low, low prices, the staff are consistently pleasant and seem genuinely interested in your dog’s well-being. And yours: they’re open till nine on weeknights.