31st Street, between Wells and Parnell

You can park in the team’s lots for $23. Or you can take this tip and park a couple blocks farther from the park for only $3. This is a little complicated, so listen up. There are pay boxes to feed on 31st, they have to be fed until 9 PM, and the max parking you can buy at one time is two hours (for $3). These spaces are often taken by 7 PM, though; you need to get one by 6:30 on most evenings. So if you get a space on these blocks, you can either wait around your car until 7 and feed the box, or feed it immediately and hope you don’t get ticketed between when your time expires and 9. I’ve never been ticketed there, but we have a north-side mayor now. There’s also one magic half-block in the two-and-a-half-block stretch between Wells and Parnell that has no pay box. You park for free if you snag a spot on this block, and you don’t have to worry about your time elapsing. I’m not telling you the precise location, though; I’ve told you too much already. —Steve Bogira