Late Bar Credit: Allison King

A reason you might end up at Late Bar on a Friday night hell-bent on having a good time: Alice’s was a madhouse. Yeah, the Avondale karaoke bar sounds like a good idea until you walk into a swamp of college students, one of whom has a microphone and is wailing “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train. Do the smart thing and get the hell out of there (with plans to revisit on a weeknight, of course), and hoof it one short block east to Late Bar. If you’re really lucky it’ll be the first Friday of the month, which means Twist & Shout is happening. DJ Dave Roberts (and friends) spin the music your parents used to dance to, provided your parents grew up in the 60s and were into the kind of stuff you’d find on a Nuggets compilation. There’s garage, mod, soul, psychedelic, and the best part: people actually dance. Wear something vintage. Or don’t.