Robert De Niro in Mad Dog and Glory

Yes, I know—you thought it was the mirror (and as a matter of fact, I am talking to you). But for the price of a drink you can do better than that: Club Lago, a great little Italian place at Superior and Orleans, was the location for the best scene in John McNaughton’s Mad Dog and Glory (1993), starring De Niro as a glum, introverted crime-scene investigator, Uma Thurman as the woman he falls in love with, and Bill Murray as the gangster who has her under his thumb. Having just enjoyed an unexpected night of passion, the cop shows up at Club Lago to find a bloody body stretched out on the floor, puts a quarter into the jukebox, and gleefully sings along to Louis Prima’s “Just a Gigolo,” doing a little dance routine around the corpse to the amazement of his colleagues. There’s no jukebox in Club Lago now, but if you bring in a boombox you might be able to get through the tune before they throw you out.