Dudes Black T-Shirt Swap


Dudes, especially punk dudes and metal dudes, tend to amass a lot of black T-shirts. I’d like to say there’s no such thing as having too many—black T-shirts make up roughly 50 percent of my wardrobe—but the fact is that a lot of us do have a surplus of too-big metal shirts, Johnny Cash shirts that give off more of a rockabilly vibe than we’re comfortable with, shirts from mediocre bands bought on impulse at a show after too many beers.

The Dudes Black T-Shirt Swap, held more or less quarterly at
Revolution Tattoo (2221 N. Western), aims to solve this first-world problem.

Its Facebook page promises:

all dudes.
black t’s.
rod shaped foods.
beer. beer. beer.

Founded by two nondudes, Rebekah Brown and Cheri Basak, who also run a women’s clothing swap under the name T&C Swaps, the DBTS is a chill afternoon of hanging out—though Brown and Basak’s presence kinda makes a joke of the ALL DUDES policy—and the selection of tees runs from the obvious (PBR logo shirts) to the amazing (one Facebook invitee at the last swap hinted he’d bring a Grandmaster Flash tee). Admission is free, but you’re expected to bring at least one shirt.