Rapper ShowYouSuck at Jugrnaut
Rapper ShowYouSuck at Jugrnaut Credit: Ryan Lowry

The bond between local hip-hop acts and the folks behind this city’s streetwear stores and brands is tight, and the lines between the communities are often blurred as folks from both scenes are friends and collaborators—for example, Jugrnaut co-owner Manny Rodriguez DJs for rapper and one-man pizza party ShowYouSuck. Walk into Leaders 1354 or Saint Alfred any day of the week and there’s a good chance you’ll see a rapper or producer whose tracks have recently been featured on Fake Shore Drive, Ruby Hornet, or Elevator hanging out or leisurely perusing new gear. Lately Jugrnaut’s streetwear boutique has become the de rigeur spot for hosting mixtape listening parties for up-and-coming local rappers; so far this year the tiny Loop location put on parties for Alex Wiley’s Club Wiley and Chance the Rapper’s mammoth Acid Rap, among others. The place can get pretty packed for these kinds of events, so it’s a little hard to buy, say, that satin Treated crown, but at least you can admire it from afar and remember to come back and cop it when there’s not a crowd of hundreds of fans lined up down Dearborn Street.