Following the unexpectedly far-ranging explosion in popularity of local teenage rapper and house arrestee Chief Keef, major labels and publishing houses have descended on the south-side hip-hop scene with a fervor that has at times felt like the grunge-years feeding frenzy in Seattle. Keef is primed to be its breakout MC, and given the way hip-hop works, it seems likely that a local producer will get blown up to superstar status as well. In all probability this will be Young Chop, who created the beat for Keef’s single ““>I Don’t Like“; his brooding, heavy take on the trap style could be the spiritual heir to the hypersoul of Kanye’s early career. Chop resembles Kanye in attitude as well—after Kanye put together an uncleared all-star remix of “I Don’t Like” and added his own production flourishes, Chop took to Twitter with some harsh words for Ye.