It’s not easy being an opening act, never mind the first act of a daylong festival bill. That’s the challenge that Chrissy Murderbot, aka local producer Chris Shively, faced at last year’s Pitchfork Music Festival: he had to take a set that he usually blasts at nightclubs in the wee hours of the morning and make it work outside at lunchtime, shortly after the fest’s gates opened. Shively’s party-ready, genre-leaping style and energetic, upbeat performance probably would’ve been enough to win over the curious (and quite a few of the folks camping out for bands playing hours later), but he wasn’t taking any chances. To seal the deal, he’d brought lip whistles—that is, whistles shaped like pairs of lips. Lots and lots of lip whistles. The crowd really got going after Shively’s friends unloaded bags of the red, blue, and yellow noise­makers—so many people partook that it added a whole extra layer of cacophony to the hip-shaking sounds. After that, most of the bands at Pitchfork had trouble topping Chrissy Murderbot.