In the past year the members of KOCO valiantly fought against Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s efforts to close Dyett High School. The parents in Raise Your Hand called for more school funding from the state despite getting no help from the mayor. And we can’t leave out the folks in Beverly and Mount Greenwood who fought against Emanuel’s unfunded mandate to add an extra hour or so to each school day without providing new resources to ensure the time is used well. You know, it’s a damn shame Mayor Emanuel chooses to work against parents as opposed to working with them—but apparently he never dreamed they’d be any less accommodating than your average alderman. Most definitely not on this list: the rent-a-protestors put together by the mayor’s political hatchet men who gave themselves away by showing up at public hearings to argue in favor of closing schools by saying: “CPS knows!” Not even Mayor Emanuel would go that far.