Bruiser Queen Credit: Aaron Ehinger

Glitter Creeps

“I would have killed for a rock ‘n’ roll-themed gay night when I was 21!” says Donnie Moore, front man of local punk band Absolutely Not and founder of Glitter Creeps, a monthly LGBTQ night at the Empty Bottle that hosts some of Chicago’s best underground acts. Taking place on the third Wednesday of every month, Glitter Creeps has a simple concept, according to Moore: “I try to feature at least one band per bill with an LGBTQ member, and then find other bands that sonically match said band, and are also at least supportive of the LGBTQ community.” The result is a raucous alternative to what Moore describes as “typical” gay nights around town, with bands like Ono, Meatwave, and Lovely Little Girls gracing the stage. Glitter Creeps started at the end of 2014 as a monthly DJ night at Humboldt Park dive bar Archie’s before growing into the live series, and Moore has big plans for the future—booking national and international touring acts, and expanding into other forms of art and media, including a possible documentary on local LGBTQ artists and musicians.