Meaghan "Moneyworth" Garvey: Doing the art world a service by elucidating the illuminati. Credit: Jim Newberry

Hands-down my favorite thing to happen in pop culture over the past few years is the rise in popularity of an awesomely crazy conspiracy theory maintaining that the most successful stars in hip-hop are all part of a secret society of illuminati that’s using pop radio as a propaganda tool in its campaign to establish an anti-Christian new world order. A surprising number of people actually believe this, and point to “clues” in lyrics and videos that “prove” that, say, Jay-Z advocates satanic human sacrifice. In response, some superstars accused of this nonsense have begun making cheekily overt illuminati references. SAIC grad Meaghan Garvey (who’s also a DJ under the name Moneyworth—and is crowned Best Reappropriator of Hip-Hop on Etsy over in our Goods & Services section) frequently incorporates rap references into her visual art, and she recently dedicated an entire art zine to the hip-hop illuminati. Talking to the Holy Ghost in My Bugatti (a line from a Rick Ross mix-tape track, which he rhymes with “illuminati,” natch) presents Jay, Kanye, Rihanna, and other stars just the way the conspiracy theorists picture them: posing next to Aleister Crowley, say, or writhing beneath a drawing of Baphomet.