Credit: Visual Finesse

When Lucki Ecks broke out last year with his debut mixtape, Alternative Trap, his Outsiders Clique crew shared a bit of the spotlight—but that wasn’t enough for Wteve Baker. This Outsider has released only a handful of songs in the past year, but every one of them slays. On the stark “Can’t Go Back,” which came out in March, he occasionally slips into a syrupy patois, reflecting on his drug-induced bad behavior and reminding himself not to fall back into old patterns. His gear-shifting flow is solid and controlled, and his introspective lyrics sound sincere—I’m persuaded he has the strength to stay on the straight and narrow and eventually hit it big. Baker just needs to release more music—and we need to learn how to pronounce his name, so we can spread the word. It’s “Wuh-TEEVE,” in case you’re wondering.