Don’t buy into the granola-crunching, knit-and-purling, homely hipster rep of indie e-bazaar Etsy; for every necklace made from driftwood there’s something bangin’, like Meaghan Garvey’s rap/R&B votive candles. On one, a very busty Nicki Minaj intones, “I don’t give a F-U-C-K.” On another, a shirtless and languid R. Kelly croons, “But my body’s telling me yeah.” Other trippy, kitschy pieces for sale on her Moneyworth Etsy account include stickers of selected Kanye West and Lil B tweets (“I just threw some kazoo on this bitch,” says Kanye), an original book illustrating the not-uncommon notion that some rappers are members of the Illuminati (Garvey also was named Best Rap DJ and Hip-Hop Illuminati Conspiracy Theorist in our Music & Nightlife section), and a screen print of Rick Ross in silhouette under the words FUCK YOGA GET MONEY. Says Garvey, “The rap music and R&B and artists that I’m passionate about, I like to make people hold them in the same respect as capital-A art.”