Southern Gothic isn’t back at Windy City Playhouse (at least not yet), but we can’t wait to fully enjoy the company’s show-themed beverages again. Credit Michael Brosilow Credit: Michael Brosilow

Windy City Playhouse

It’s no secret that theater companies (and movie theaters) make a lot of their profits at the concession stand. So curating themed cocktails is not that uncommon for theater spaces around Chicago. However, there is one location that has made their drink menu as iconic as their immersive work—Windy City Playhouse. Not only do their cocktails dazzle at the bar, they often make appearances in the show itself. It isn’t very often (probably never?) that one can enjoy the same drink as the characters they’re watching onstage. (That is, unless you’re very good at guessing a show’s prop selection or you’ve read A Streetcar Named Desire one too many times.) There is just too much about this one-of-a-kind venue to sum up in so little space. Windy City’s immersive style, known for its nosh and libations, has been woefully missed during the ghostlit pandemic. Many theaters are still not allowing beverages in the audience as of yet, though hopefully the day will come soon when we can toast together—even if that means unmasking just in between sips. It’s been way too long since we’ve savored Windy City’s hot spiced wine. Making it yourself is just not the same. Little else will feel normal until we can sip a period-appropriate cocktail while having a fly-on-the-wall experience watching someone else’s life. (Seriously when is Southern Gothic being remounted? We need Cheez Whiz on crackers and champagne, stat!)

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