Credit: Steffany August

My dog, Abby, lives an orderly life that hews to a regular routine. She gets up at the same time, takes the same walk most days, eats the same kibbles for breakfast and dinner. I don’t think she minds it, but I’ve also observed that, like anybody, she enjoys variations. Why else would she squeal like a teenybopper the second she realizes we’re on our way to Montrose Dog Beach? Fido to Go, Chicago’s first food truck for dogs, is the best sort of variation, a mix of serendipity and a reminder to live in the moment (like a dog). If it’s here on Tuesday, odds are it’ll be gone on Wednesday, so carpe diem. Plus, what dog will argue with a treat? Owner Donna Santucci developed the recipes for gluten- and allergen-free cookies and frozen yogurt herself; they come in a dozen different flavors, and Santucci is generous about supplying free samples so each dog can decide which she likes best. Abby, we think, is more of a peanut butter- maple bacon than a bacon cheeseburger kind of girl, but we’ll be keeping our eyes out for the big yellow Fido to Go truck—oh, hell, we’re stalking it on Twitter—and she’ll keep tasting, just to be sure.