Credit: Rosario Zavala

Out of the Past

Record collectors like to dig, but few shops in town really give you the sense you might actually unearth something quite like this West Garfield Park spot. At Out of the Past, you’ll want to set aside a few hours, roll up your sleeves, and prepare to get dust on your hands wading through the collection. It’s easy to get lost in the piles of LPs and seven-inches. Approach this place without an agenda, see where your fingers and eyes take you, and you’ll likely turn up some great tunes that’ll also serve as history lessons in pop music or offer a window into the work of an underappreciated artist. I gravitate toward an alley of cassettes on one side of the store; after my first visit I walked away with a sealed copy of “Ambitious” b/w “My Cozell,” a fun late-80s private-press single from “Rappin’ Tate” the Great, a Chicagoan with an affinity for Run-DMC.