Chris Condren
Chris Condren Credit: JBell Production

Family life is pretty typical fodder for comedians. My wife, my kids, my cat, whatever. But Chris Condren‘s discovery a year ago that his dad ran and designed the now defunct website is a tad outside the realm of a farting-in-bed joke. He didn’t hesitate to integrate the news—as well as a substantial amount of hand-drawn penis portraiture—into his stand-up, like any good son would do. I caught the joke during a visit to Sean Flannery’s Blackout Diaries, and as the lanky twentysomething—usually sporting at least one article of fluorescent clothing—awkwardly bobbed around stage smiling and laughing and clicking rapid-fire through penis drawing after fellatio drawing, Condren endeared himself to the audience. Not only through his sheer pleasure at rolling through graphic drawings that his gay father—who’s still married to his mother, by the by—had made, but also because he gave off no hint that he was embarrassed by it.