Carrara and Goodman Endodontics

2551 N. Clark

I’m trying to get into the habit of more frequently using the old chestnut “I’d rather have a root canal.” Because frankly, after having one at Carrara and Goodman Endodontics, there are many things the procedure is preferable to—a train full of Cubs fans, for instance, or most stand-up comedy. In fact I’ve had teeth cleanings that hurt more. Dr. Julianne Carrara’s office is on the seventh floor of a Lincoln Park high-rise; as I waited for the drilling to start I read People magazine (Taylor Swift was featured, like a specter—the first candidate for my “I’d rather” list?) and looked at the skyline view. In consultation, Carrara said solemnly, “If you tell me it hurts, I’ll believe you,” and in fact it didn’t hurt at all (Best use of immodest amounts of anesthetic, if you ask me). Carrara and her assistant were deft, graceful, and lightning-fast. I wanted to ask if they do more routine things like fillings—or, hell, can I get a new driver’s license here? Do they dry-clean?—but unfortunately, prices are somewhat superlative too. I’d definitely rather have a root canal than have to pay for another root canal. —Sam Worley