Credit: Courtesy Mathew Klujian and Sons

Mathew Klujian & Sons

Of all my household furnishings, my rug has been with me the longest. We’ve been through a lot together, my rug and I. For years, it has faithfully protected my feet from cold floors and covered up depressing-looking stains. And yet I treat it so shabbily! I track mud and sand and dead leaves on it and sweep dust under it. It’s appalling. So last time I moved, I decided to reward it for its faithful service by giving it a spa treatment at Mathew Klujian & Sons. It has never had it so good. When I dropped it off, the woman in front gave it a thorough inspection to make sure the cleaning formula best suited to its age, style, and color would be used. Instead of a beating, it got a Jacuzzi-style bath in jets of water. Then it got hung up to air-dry in a warm room that I imagine is like a sauna for rugs. When it came back to me, a few days earlier than promised, it was several shades lighter. It hadn’t looked so good since it was new. And all for less than it would have cost at a dry-cleaner. What a fitting reward for a faithful companion.