Credit: Anthony Soave

Soppressata from ’Nduja Artisans

Ever since it burst onto the scene with its spicy, spreadable Calabrian meat butter, salumi start-up ’Nduja Artisans has been expanding its production line with heritage meats like Wagyu salame di manzo, Wagyu bresaola, Berkshire hot coppa, and a black-label ’nduja made from Mangalitsas and Ossabaws. But it’s the new spicy soppressata that takes cured pig meat to an even higher level. Brick red thanks to Calabrian chiles and flecked with chunks of pure white fat, it has an intoxicating fermented funk that telegraphs the punch of its deep porky goodness. Find it at Harvestime, Eataly, Publican Quality Meats, and other local retailers or order online.