Credit: Andrea Bauer

If you can’t appreciate watching video clips of Liza Minnelli and Goldie Hawn wearing costumes by Halston and Bob Mackie and singing “All That Jazz” while going full-on fucking Bob Fosse, then you might as well just stop reading this entry right now. (Note: the clip is from the 1980 TV special Goldie and Liza Together, and I really was rapt when it came on the televisions during a show-tunes happy hour at Sidetrack.) The gay bar is like the last bastion for the music video, and the popular Boystown spot has taken the video-bar format a step further in the right direction by finding several excuses to show classic renditions of popular show tunes by the most important Broadway types, from Kate Smith to Patti LuPone. Your options: Musical Mondays (8 PM-2 AM), happy hour on Fridays (4-9 PM), and Sunday Funday (4-9 PM). Pound a few alcoholic slushies and do your best Ethel Merman.