Carlos Ramirez-Rosa

Will Guzzardi and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, @willguzzardi, @CDRosa

The most liberal-voting neighborhood in Chicago is more than two miles from the lakefront. Logan Square, once home turf for the Mells, Berrioses, and other Democratic powerhouse families, has become the city’s progressive bastion. In contrast, lakefront communities such as Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast—neighborhoods from whence the “lakefront liberal” coinage came—have been trending conservative for years. In 2014, Logan Square voters elected then-27-year-old Will Guzzardi, one of the most progressive state representatives from Chicago. This year they followed up by electing 26-year-old Carlos Ramirez-Rosa as 35th Ward alderman, who would join four of his out colleagues in forming the first gay caucus in the City Council. Just in case Guzzardi or Ramirez-Rosa gets tempted to sell out, the area has no shortage of ancient activists who’ve been fighting the machine since the days of old man Daley to keep them in line.