Credit: FOX

Think you know your Simpsons trivia? I did too until I saw a list of questions from last month’s Woo Hoo! Classic Simpsons Trivia. The trivia night (which also has chapters in Toronto, New York, and Pittsburgh) is seriously tough and not for the casual fan. What is Bart’s definition for “Quijibo”? What golfer does Marge find attractive? Good luck. The three-round game, which has just moved to Pizza Serio in Lakeview every third Monday of the month, asks 50 questions and shows three episodes of the show in between rounds. Woo Hoo! only focuses on the first 11 seasons, so, as one player and Springfield aficionado eleganlty puts it, “There’s no shit.” Follow Woo Hoo!’s Twitter at @woohootriviachi for details on the next trivia night, July 15.