Credit: Matt Snyder

Is there any other home accessory that is more of a guilty pleasure than the expensive scented candle? But once you get addicted to the complex nature of high-end candle fragrances, lighting a Yankee Candle is akin to wearing drugstore perfume. At about $14 to $36, Tatine Candles are an affordable splurge, especially when you consider that they’re made by hand in small batches, and in Chicago to boot. (They can even do double duty as a subtle personal fragrance if you rub the wax onto pressure points.) Creator Margo Breznik uses nature as a stepping-off point, inspired by everything from vintage botanical charts to memories of city strolls. The result: earthy and arresting fragrances that resonate deep inside some quiet, cherished part of your brain. Available at several Chicago locations, including the MCA shop, Hazel, Larkspur, and RR#1.