The Vintage Bazaar

My idea of the perfect afternoon is a warehouse filled with carefully selected midcentury furniture, racks of well-styled vintage threads, scads of unusual housewares, and a crowd that’s blearily cheerful—if a little hungover—from the wild festivities of the night before. The Vintage Bazaar, a massive retail pop-up event, is just that. The creation of Libby Alexander and Katherine Raz, imagine a boho-chic flea market where you can pick up not just a highboy but maybe even a hot date, all while sipping offerings from local breweries and noshing on snacks from food truck vendors. Suggested pickup line: “Hey, I’ve got a gassed-up truck and would love to help you move that Danish modern dresser into your bedroom.” You can thank me later. The next Vintage Bazaar will take place September 18 at the Congress Theater. —Dean Fisher