Boers & Bernstein

1-6 PM weekdays
WSCR (670 AM)

Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein have been teamed together at the Score for more than ten years, giving them the longest-running sports talk show in the market. It’s also the best, although their unique twist on the format is often hated when it’s not simply misunderstood. Like David Letterman, Boers and Bernstein do a show that’s antithetical to the very genre they supposedly represent. They’re disdainful of callers and colleagues in equal measure and affect stoopidity when Bernsy (nicknamed “the Professor” as a Bulls beat reporter) isn’t brandishing his brainy Duke credentials and Boers isn’t bulldozing someone with pure bluster. For all that, they entertain and inform. Their show can’t last much longer, but for now it remains on top. I also have to throw Dan McNeil some credit for teaming so well with Matt Spiegel in his return to the Score as midday host—and Tom Waddle of WMVP (1000 AM) might just be the best one-man sports-talk team host in town.