Hosts Michael Sanchez and Monte LaMonte Credit: Nikki Pierce

I Shit You Not

Pooping is one of the things that unite us as humans. Hell, there are entire books on the subject (remember Everyone Poops, anyone?). And because everybody poops, many have inadvertently done it in public, which is where I Shit You Not comes in. A monthly storytelling showcase, ISYN features local comedians, actors, monologists, performance artists, and regular Joes like you and me sharing personal experiences of unintentional bodily mishaps. Such stories can be hard to stomach, but hosts Michael Sanchez, Monte LeMonte, and Seth Davis do a great job of easing the crowd, and it isn’t long before things start flowing, so to speak. But the show isn’t about being vulgar, and the performers aren’t there to gross you out. ISYN stands as a cathartic testament to human embarrassment.