Credit: Leor Galil

Why did the chicken cross the road? Why didn’t it, say, try its hand at showbiz, take a nap, or get an X-ray? These are some of the alternative scenarios one intrepid street artist decided to explore in a series of paintings that decorate four load-bearing columns beneath the Bloomingdale Trail bridge on North Maplewood Avenue in Humboldt Park. It’s a goofy premise, and the execution is absolutely charming; the fowl depicted have been plucked of their feathers and resemble pinkish store-bought chicken, which gives the images a cartoonish quality. Some of the pictures defy the notion that chicken is synonymous with fear, and some—particularly the ones showing a bird popping out of a dryer or floating to the earth in a parachute—depict situations that might make some humans feel, um, cooked. Fortunately this street art won’t induce terror in any way—that is, unless you’re frightened of anthropomorphic poultry.