Intrepid food blogger Titus Ruscitti roams far and wide documenting regional eats for his blog, Smokin’ Chokin’ and Chowing With the King, but it’s his concentration on the taco specifically that has the makings of a scholarly work of historic importance. The Chicago Taco Tour is an illustrated atlas cataloguing the offerings at some 172 taco joints in the region, with lovely color photos and tasting notes on everything from the jerk chicken taco at the Jamaican Jerk Shack (“only a matter of time before Caribbean Fusion tacos take hipster hoods by storm”) to the lamb barbacoa at MeztiSoy Food Market (“wonderful”) to the tacos de canasta at Don Pepe (“What I thought separated them from the norm was the spicy cole slaw that came with the plate”). He has more than 60 spots (and counting) left to publish.