Credit: Andrea Bauer

All Day Tire Shop

If you’re a car owner in Chicago, one thing is inevitable: when spring hits and the streets are riddled with potholes, you’re going to smash into one of these fissures and blow a tire. (And once fall rolls around and those potholes remain unfilled, you’ll probably rip up another one.) All Day Tire Shop, a bare-bones, cash-only storefront on the corner of Wolcott and Division, is the best way to solve this problem. I’ve replaced more tires at All Day than I can count, and it’s always freakishly fast, painless, and cheap as hell. Curbside attendants jack up your car and pull off the flat in a matter of minutes, and they charge as little as $15 for a patch job. Until the Chicago pothole epidemic ceases (don’t hold your breath!), this place will remain a godsend.