Q Storm


This local MC’s MySpace page is a parade of LOLZ—for starters, it was recently updated to note that “Probation is OFFICIAL OVER.” Previous bios detailed how some nine years earlier he was in the same room as Kanye; his location is listed as being “SOMEWHERE INSIDE YA GIRL.” But the real reason to hit it is to hear his one song, up since late 2009. “Panties So Wet” is so badmazing it’s instantly carved in your brain, from the screwed-hook sample “Pan-pannies so wet,” repeated ad infinitum in a casual sort of way that transcends standard rap braggadocio. He’s not much of a lyricist (“The way you gimme head / I can tell your lips are sore / What I look like, Britney Spears? /Bitch, you betta give me more”), but he’s carried by his own song’s indomitable force.