Credit: Andrea Bauer

There’s a lot of hate out there for the Ogilvie Transportation Center restrooms. Even folks who love the curvy, blue-glass station’s shopping center and food court ambience despise its main-lobby loos with their distinct scent of eau de urine. The problem is mysterious, since the rest of the station is cleaner than most, but 40,000 coffee-gulping, soda-sipping, beer-swilling, taking-a-leak-in-a-hurry daily commuters have to be a housekeeping nightmare. And it doesn’t help that there’s often a line at the women’s room long enough to make you wish you were carrying a gas mask. What to do? Take the stairs at the rear of the train platform down to the lower-level concourse and—voila!—there’s a whole other world, including a nearly always empty women’s room that looks like it’s tended by Mr. Clean, complete with delicate vases of fresh flowers perched next to the sinks. Then you can step into the adjacent French Market and fill ‘er up again.