Savage brawler, ear eater, and convicted rapist Mike Tyson, alone onstage, attempting to repackage himself in the two-hour, Spike Lee-directed reminiscence Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth. Tyson pranced. He talked about his veganism and his pet pigeons, and I think there might’ve been something in there about flying kites with his kids. But mostly he explained how he was depraved on account o’ he was deprived. The guy did have it awful rough as a kid. But he also found angels and put his severely limited skill set to such good use that he became heavyweight champion of the world in the most convincing way ever: by holding titles from all three major boxing organizations at once. Under the circumstances, it was a little weird to see him posing as a victim. Weirder still that his idea of comic relief ran to tales of beating the shit out of people. But weirdest of all was the approbation of the audience. They loved him.