Credit: Andrea Bauer

The Bloody Mary is a near-perfect cocktail, a zesty cure-all that works well at any hour of the day and in any mood or setting; it lubricates, it refreshes, it replenishes. A great Bloody Mary generally requires no fucking around with, but I’ve stumbled upon one modification that, while quite audacious, results in a drink with the potential to surpass the classic’s greatness: Flo’s chile verde Bloody Mary. This Noble Square restaurant replaces the usual tomato juice with green chiles and a touch of raw jalapeño to deliver a take on the Bloody that’s not only visually exciting but crisper and more mellow than the standard. A refreshing earthiness takes over where the tomato’s sweetness and acidity usually dominate, and a rim of celery salt adds another layer of Chicago-style savoriness. If you’re feeling extra decadent, you can also order this guy made with a house-made bacon-infused bourbon instead of vodka, because why not?