Keith Dukavicius

If you spend any time looking at locally produced features, you soon realize the field is dominated by genre movies—mostly romantic comedies and crime thrillers—that offer some hope of commercial advancement. That may be why writer-director-star Keith Dukavicius stands out: the guy will probably never make a dime, but his personal, culturally obsessed, and often hilarious movies are completely idiosyncratic. I Am James Mason (2004) is about a man who wakes one morning to discover he’s taken on the teeth-gritting persona of the British actor, and Egon (2008) explores the creepy passion of Austrian expressionist painter Egon Schiele for the sister who served as his nude model. Dukavicius reports that he’s currently raising funds for what promises to be another warped vision: Breakfast at Marley’s, about a hard-drinking transvestite “steeped in an imaginary world she’s developed from her obsession with classic films and the clearly defined roles in those films that she so admires and/or yearns for in her own life.” I’m embarrassed to admit that, on deadline, I discovered another Dukavicius feature I haven’t seen, Daniel Wong (2006); it escaped my radar because, unlike every other aspiring filmmaker on the planet, Dukavicius hasn’t bothered to create a page for himself on the Internet Movie Database. If you want to define “underground” in 2010, that’s a pretty good start.

The Portfolio Scene from “EGON” from Keith Dukavicius on Vimeo.